In short, Costa Rica doesn’t disappoint. It offers something for nearly every type of traveler, from luxurious spa-seekers to adrenaline junkies. Known far and wide for its stunning scenery and tropical wildlife, Costa Rica is also a nature photographer’s paradise.  With over 615 wildlife species and 25% of it's land protected, you are guaranteed to witness a visit by a monkey or see the nesting habitat of sea turtles.  

If you find yourself asking “What can I do here?”, think about the following: observe hundreds of exotic species of wildlife in Monteverde - home to Costa Rica's lush Cloud Forest Reserve, watch Arenal Volcano erupt (and if you missed it today, you can catch it tomorrow! Arenal erupts daily), soak in the Tabacon Hot Springs, embark on a white water rafting adventure in the Central Valley or practice yoga among avid surfers in the Osa Peninsula for remote beaches and diverse wildlife. Ready to slow things down? Head to Uvita to lounge on an exclusive hilltop lodge perched overlooking Marino Ballena National Park, one of the best places to see the migrating Humpback whales, visit a coffee plantation...the list goes on and on. Imagine doing all of this at exclusive boutique properties either nestled in the mountains amongst the wildlife and rainforest or overlooking the ocean.

Costa Rica is eminent for its outstanding service and hospitality, the locals or "ticos" make you feel right at home, so it only makes sense to take a trip of a lifetime in this beautiful country. With Craft Travel Group, we will make sure you witness the best of the countries natural beauty, with eco-friendly adventures and peaceful nights at the best lodges offered. We are proud to say that we have selected a handful of lodges that are leading the way in blending luxury with sustainable environmental practices, as we want you to enjoy your stay in the least impacting way on our planet Earth! If you don’t see your ideal package offered here, we will tailor-make the the perfect trip for you; just contact us so we can start planning your trip to see lush forests, beautiful beaches and endless wildlife. We will help you explore the highlights as well as Costa Rica’s best kept secrets.



What’s the Best Time to Visit COSTA RICA?

There are two well defined seasons in Costa Rica: from December to April is the "Dry Season" and from May to November is the "Green Season", otherwise known as the Rainy Season. The rainy season, however, should not deter your decision in visiting Costa Rica as the rain typically occurs in the afternoon and early evening. Although September and October do experience the most rains, there are less crowds and wildlife tends to be very active around this time! It may be the best time to experience a true rainforest as many trees flower and fruit during this time. 

The dry season makes it a great time to plan summer family vacations. This is peak tourist season, but you will experience plenty of sunshine and time to lounge on the beaches!

What do eat & drink in pura vida land!

While Latin American fare has its well known staples (think rice & beans), and boasts flavorful coffee, there is more to it than that. When traveling through each country, its worthwhile checking out the traditional dishes. When in Costa Rica, it won’t be hard to hunt down a casado, a hearty dish of rice, beans, plantains, salad, tortilla, and the meat of your choice. Top it off with a side of chopped vegetables, or picadillo. Wash it all down with one of these typical drinks: Agua de Sapo, lemonade with brown sugar; a ‘fresco’, aka delicious smoothie made of fresh, tropical fruit and your choice of water or milk; or, if you’re desiring the harder stuff, try a shot of liquor made from sugar cane juice known as Guaro.


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December through April is peak season as the weather is most pleasant, with temperatures hovering between 70 - 80F (21 - 27C). It is during this time that most international visitors flock to Latin America for their holidays. March - May is not only high season, it’s also highest in terms of temperature. Think high 80s to mid 90s F (mid 30s C). The pacific coast tends to be drier, especially from mid-November through mid-May, but rain should be expected all over the country, at all times of year and randomly. September and October are significantly wet, bringing with the rain a lush, green, abundantly tropical landscape and more wildlife. These two months are considered the "green season" and also low season. 


Costa Rica can be easily paired with its Central American neighbors and countries like Nicaragua and Panama, which both offer complementary experiences to a “pura vida” getaway.  These destinations have long been favorites of the international surfing community, and are now topping the list of travelers worldwide. The geography is seemingly boundless; one can uncover Caribbean-style beaches, ocean waves that rival that of Hawaii, verdant rainforests thick with exotic flora and fauna, volcanic backdrops, and near-isolated islands. The cultures are varied and unique, with many indigenous cultures still present. There are simply so many activities to enjoy and quirks to uncover, Central America is a hard place to leave but easy to come back to!


Nicaragua is up and coming on the tourism scene, and for a good reason. Its scenery and beaches rival those of its better known counterpart Costa Rica, but is a little less crowded, and a bit more rustic. It’s so easy to veer off the tourist trail and immerse yourself in an authentic, rugged, undiscovered ‘road less traveled’. Explore the historical, colorful, and beautifully in-tact cities of Granada and Leon. Experience the truly unforgettable evening light show on the beach, also known as sea turtle nesting. Take your appreciation for volcanos one step further with sand-surfing down the side of one in Cerro Negro. Stroll amongst more than 200 species of orchids in Miraflor National Park. Interact with monkeys as you sail through the 365 islands that make up Granada Islets. Slow it down Caribbean style with a trip to Corn Island. Swim in the clear, freshwater pools at the base of the two volcanoes that make up Ometepe Island. The only downside of Nicaragua? Leaving!


More and more, Panama is proving itself a must-see in Central America. Aside from its fascinating political history surrounding the infamous Panama Canal, it offers incredible islands, a vast and beautiful rainforest, a pulsing capital and a thriving food scene.

Its history is presented in the form of fortress ruins dating back to the colonial period, known as Panama Viejo. Sail through the locks of the highly expensive, highly controversial Panama Canal. Sight-see and taste test your way through Casco Viejo, the old town that offers as many churches as it does quality dining. The archipelago of 365 islands called San Blas float along the northwest of Panama in the Caribbean Sea. Of those 365 islands, only 49 are inhabited, and can cater to backpackers, partiers, honeymooners, and indigenous population-seekers alike. The seven main islands of Bocas del Toro offer everything to travelers from scuba diving to salsa dancing in some of the country’s hottest nightclubs. Explore the undiscovered land of Isla Palenque, your own private island resort set amongst 400 acres of jungle heave in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama.  


Whether you’re looking for an exquisite, long weekend or a week or longer to get a taste of everything the region has to offer, Central America is the perfect getaway. A glitzy and cultural weekend in Panama City can easily be combined with a trip to Isla Palenque, a private island resort in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama, which makes you feel there are still undiscovered and unspoiled land in this world. The adventure can continue by exploring the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, topped off with a few days sipping ‘frescos’ on the beach; meander through the charming city of Granada, Nicaragua for a few days before immersing yourself in Ometepe Island and all of its activities. Depending on your vision, an itinerary can be customized to fit your needs.

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