Hi Julia, Holli. Happy New Year!!! We returned a few hours ago from our trip to b\Brazil and I couldn’t wait to send you this note. We had a an amazing amazing family vacation!! Despite our last minute very specific trip requests, 5 of us to accommodate and the crazy holiday season - you were able to pull off a really great, intense, diverse, fun and interesting trip for all 5 of us. Brazil is amazing and already, we cannot wait to go back. The locations you picked were different and each had a unique focus - in Paraty we enjoyed the warm waters and colonial feel, in Rio the views and beaches, at the Iguassu Falls the boat ride into the falls, and in the Jungle swimming with the dolphins. The hotels and their locations were also spot on and had all the facilities our kids needed. Also, the transfers from place to place were seamless and the guides were super nice and helpful. The trip had a bit of everything we looked for - adventure, comfort, relaxation, kid-friendliness and adult focus as well. So, thank you for the hard work, again - I know it was not easy. Gil and I really appreciate your patience and diligent work. Best, Annie and family
— Annie D, New York, January 2016