Wellness travel inspires. It invigorates. It lets you experience a part of the world while taking care of yourself inside and outside. Whether that trip involves a hike in the Andes mountains or the Atacama desert, or a yoga session oceanside in Costa Rica or the Sacred Valley of Peru, wellness travel, taking on any form is proven to enhance your life. Add in meditation and healthy farm-to-table cuisine and vacations focused around improving your wellbeing are nothing but positive for your self self, your self esteem… and your worldliness.

There’s another side to wellness travel that involves connecting with nature, and disconnecting with daily stresses of life. We read about this benefit mentioned by popular wellness blogger, Jules Hunt, in a recent article saying, “When you give your brain space to think without the distraction of technology, then you open your mind up to more creative possibilities,” Hunt says. “You can really start to dig in to who you are.” We agree, and it made us think about wellness travel as a whole. There’s the obvious health benefits, the interaction with the landscape around you, but those are just the beginning of the benefits. Make your wellness trip an experience with Craft Travel and cater to every one of your ultimate vacation needs.

Is your primary goal self-care that is physical, mental, emotional or are you looking for a total mind-body-spirit reset? Do you want to go on a solo trip or plan a getaway with a friend or partner? Whatever the purpose for your trip and however all encompassing you approach wellness in your life outside of your vacation there are a handful of easy ways to make your travel exciting, indulgent, luxurious, and healthy! Here are some tips and a couple of our favorite packages to plan your perfectly crafted experience.

  • Pick a place you’ve never been, but that you’ve thought about going for a while. This is the mental/spiritual wellness that gets you excited and energized before you’ve even started the journey.

  • Decide on an amount of time that you know works with your schedule. When is your least busy time at work or with family? What has been your ideal amount of vacation time in the past, where you feel like it was long enough but you’re ready to get back to your routine. Mine is around 10 days to 2 weeks depending on how far but 3 weeks I’ve learned makes me miss my normal day to day!

  • What is your favorite thing to do activity-wise? Bike? Hike? Yoga? All of the above?

  • What type of cuisine is your favorite and makes you feel amazing and healthy?

  • What weather are you looking for? In addition to location, look at the weather for different times of year in your destination and pick the time of year that fits when makes you feel most invigorated, or relaxed. If you don’t like heat, make sure you try Peru or other South American destinations in their off-summer season, which don’t forget, doesn’t align with ours in North America.

  • Last but not least, let us plan it. Part of wellness is removing stress and what better way to reduce and remove stress in travel than having all of the arrangements taken care of and having your trip be exactly what you’d like it to be, no detail left uncovered!

Check out a couple of our Wellness Travel packages, with all itineraries able to be crafted and personalized for you by our incredible team at Craft Travel, starting with our favorite in Peru, which is 25% off right now through September.

  • The Lima, Peru and Macchu Pichu Luxury Wellness Retreat lets you experience the best of everything Peru has to offer, and gives you the mind, body, soul immersion you can expect with a crafted luxury wellness vacation. Hike, bike, zen and dine on the region’s finest valley-to-table ingredients on this 5 day adventure. Dates are November 9-14 for this exclusive 25% off rate; however, an incredible Sacred Valley trip can be planned at your convenience at any time.

  • The Ecuador Escape lets lets you explore nature and culture beginning in the beautiful city of Quito and ending in the serenity of the cloud forests of the Andes. Halfway through, sip a cup of coffee with the locals in the morning and a glass of wine with the butterflies in the evening. Add in guided excursions and tours throughout and you will see Ecuador like no other.

Are you ready to plan a Wellness Vacation today? Craft Travel provides personalized custom travel for the most unique experiences. Speak with one of our Travel Designers to create the perfect combination of exploration, adventure, and rejuvenation.