Colombia is a land of contrasts: rhythms, landscapes, ethnicities, wildlife, and adventures.

It’s a colorful, intense, vibrant place that shocks and inspires you at every turn. Officially ready to put its turbulent past behind, Colombia is driving full-force into the tourism sector with its seductive landscape, pulsing nightlife, exotic islands and infinitely happy people. Colombia is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, including its famous Coffee Region, Chiribiquete National Park, various Archeological Parks, even the old city of Cartagena. Its history is deep, its people diverse, and its ambience welcoming. Read on for a few reasons why Colombia should be the next place on your travel list.

The Incredible Nature

Colombia is home to 1,900 bird species and counting, making it a bird watcher’s paradise. Sea life abounds, and whale watching is becoming a popular attraction, especially between July and September when humpback whales arrive to the Pacific Coast to give birth to their young.

Nearly 15% of Colombia’s land is protected with well over 30 National Parks open to the public, some of which are situated right in the Amazon Rainforest! The Coffee Region is a destination in its own right; its landscape itself made the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tours of every kind show you each detail of coffee production, taking you from choosing the bean to sipping from the cup. Banana and cacao plantation tours are also popular among visitors.

Colombia is the #1 exporter of flowers to the United States, and there is good reason for that. The megadiverse landscape cultivates hundreds of colorful species of flowers, including roses, carnations, and orchids. In fact, the city of Medellin hosts an annual Flower Festival every August, attracting flower lovers from all over the world.

The Vibrating Culture

Did you know that Colombia is known as the City of 1,000 Rhythms? Music is the beating heart of this Latin culture, and its role is obvious with the multitude of festivals and plethora of nightclubs. From jazz to cumbia, techno to Afrobeats, and of course the salsa in Cali, you can be sure you’ll find something to groove to. Are you looking for creative culture? Spend your days perusing the Museum of Gold or perusing the San Alejo Flea Market in Bogota; tapping into your inner artist at the Botero Museum or on a Graffiti tour in Medellin; meandering through the Botanical Gardens of Cali; enjoying Cartagena’s Old Town with its grand Vaults and Proclamation Square; celebrating Carnival Colombian-style in the world’s 2nd largest party taking place every year in the seaside town of Barranquilla.

And now, to the food! Thought Colombian cuisine was just rice and beans? Think again. A new trend toward Gastronomy has taken the world by storm and Colombia is no different, offering plenty of food-based itineraries to clients desiring to taste test their way through the wide variety of ethnic dishes the country has to offer. With influences from Europe, Africa, and indigenous cultures; not to mention recently named “Best Female Chef” in Latin American Leonor Espinosa, these tours are sure to pleasantly surprise you and your tastebuds!

The Nonstop Adventure

Have we mentioned the diversity in Colombia’s landscape? It is impossible not to repeat, as the country has almost everything in one place. Savannas, beaches, Caribbean islands, mountains, the Amazon rainforest - geography like this leaves you with a seemingly endless list of activities! For those who prefer two wheels, consider cycling or motorcycling through the mountainous countryside. Hikers can trek to the Lost City in Tayrona National Park, enjoying stops at authentic indigenous villages along the way. Horseback riding is available almost anywhere, even just outside the bustling city of Bogota. Glamping with original Colombian cowboys is quickly gaining popularity among travelers who like a nice balance of immersion and luxury.

Prefer spending your days at or in the sea? Colombia’s lengthy coastline and multitude of exotic islands give access to some of the world’s best sailing and snorkeling. Scuba divers will delight as the second largest reef in the world is located off the Caribbean-side coast of San Andres, whose waters are so magnificently layered its nickname is the Sea of Seven Colors. More advanced divers can opt for an adventure on the Pacific side, which presents a slightly more diverse colony of sea life including hammerhead sharks.

The Ease of Getting There

One of the top reasons to travel to Colombia is its accessibility. Both LATAM and Avianca offer daily, direct flights from major US cities including Miami, New York, Atlanta, and Washington DC. At present, no visas are necessary for US citizens to enter for touristic purposes. At time of writing, the exchange rate between USD and the Colombian Peso is quite favorable to the US Dollar spender, making now a fantastic time to travel south. The various climates within the country itself make it an almost year-round destination, and its short-haul flights mean Colombia can serve as the perfect long-weekend getaway.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s create your perfect adventure in Colombia!