We have long said that our favorite part of Colombia is the country's "Ruta del Café", referred to in the English speaking world as the Coffee Triangle or Coffee Belt. Less frequented than seaside Cartagena or bustling cities like Bogotá and Medellin, the country's interior region named for its key crop is home to some of Colombia's most stunning sceneries and greatest outdoor activities. The Coffee Triangle sits on the northernmost tip of the Andes Mountain range which means a captivating mix of both mountainous and tropical terrain. 

In this week's New York Times Travel Section, Gustave Axelson provides an in-depth look into the Coffee Region's history and growing tourism scene. 

We strongly recommend at least 3 nights in the Coffee Region to clients traveling to Colombia looking to get a feel for the country beyond beach and city. Packages like Must See Colombia or Colombia Concierge both include a visit to the Coffee Triangle with activities like horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking, coffee plantation visits and even hot air balloons. For those looking for a truly authentic experience for a great price, we recommend Reserva El Cairo, a wonderfully family owned and operated hacienda directly within the Cocora Valley, home to some of the world's tallest wax palm trees. For those looking to indulge a bit, Hacienda Bambusa is one of our favorite properties in all of Colombia with a working plantation and unmatched, personalized service. 

Check out the New York Times article here!