Chile’s extraordinary natural diversity for geothermal activity make its lands a paradise for fans of hot springs. Anything from trickles of warm water to steaming-hot geysers have rustic or posh tourist facilities built up around them. Take your pick from hot springs along the Pacific coast to those on the high plains, from those in the rainy southern forests to those 3,900 meters above sea level.

Northern Chile

Chusmiza Hot Springs: Located 160 km from Iquique, in the Tarapaca Region, and 3,000 meters above sea level, this unique landscape spans the Tarapaca Gorge. These hyperthermal waters are of such fine quality that they are served as mineral water at the table.

Polloquere Hot Springs: In the Putre Area (Arica and Parinacota Region) and more precisely the Salar de Surire, the high plains offer the enjoyment of pools, mud baths and natural hot springs. A unique landscape and a different experience: rheas, flamingos and vicuñas can be spotted in the surrounding areas. Temperatures here vary from -15ºC (night) to 5ºC (day), making a 66ºC thermal bath just what the doctor ordered.

Puritama Hot Springs: Flowing from the underground streams of the Atacama Desert, the Puritama Hot Springs are warm and rejuvenating and highly recommended for combating stress and rheumatic illnesses. Located 30 km north of San Pedro de Atacama, Puritama is very close to the Valle de la Luna. The hot spring pools are nestled into a mountainous canon with waters coming straight from the earth at temperatures of between 25ºC and 33ºC. Basic facilities with changing rooms, bathrooms and wooden walkways are available.

Central Chile

Jahuel Hot Springs: Located in the Andes Mountain foothills of Region V, approximately 2 hours from Santiago, the Jahuel Hot Springs are some of the oldest in the country. Their waters became internationally known during the nineteenth century when Charles Darwin mentioned them in his 1834 travel log. Currently, the Jahuel Hot Springs Hotel & Spa offer first-class facilities to accommodate all visitors.

Colina Baths: In the Cajón del Maipo, at 3,500 meters above sea level – higher than the Morales Baths – sit the Colina Baths.  With waters reaching up to 70ºC, the pools form open-air terraces filled with calcareous-deposit-rich spring water that makes for therapeutic and relaxing baths.

Southern Chile

Chillán Hot Springs: Located right in the Los Andes Mountain Range, 82 km from Chillan in the Bio Bio Region, these hot springs have a year-round caretaker: the Chillan Volcano. This is one of the most visited hot springs areas thanks to its gorgeous wintertime snow-covered hills and native forests. Alongside Chillán Hot Springs Ski & Resort with its first-rate facilities, these pure spring waters with curative properties invite you to relax and reenergize after a long day of skiing since they are part of the winter sports center Nevados de Chillán.

Malalcahuello Hot Springs: Only 120 km from the city of Temuco in the Araucania Region, these hot springs are the perfect place to enjoy nature amongst welcoming araucaria forests and clear water rivers. Relaxing massages and hot spring pools make this luxurious experience difficult to bring to an end.

Huife Hot Springs: Also in the Araucania Region, amongst lenga, laurel and mañío trees, are the Huife Hot Springs located along the banks of the mighty Liucura River. This geography offers the perfect opportunity to jump from the hot springs into the cold waters of the river, a traditional ritual amongst visitors.

Coñaripe Hot Springs: In Panguipulli, Region of Araucanía, we find these hot springs on the shores of Pellaifa Lake with its green ferns and Valdivian forests. Up to 80ºC waters flow into covered, open-air pools made of mud and boasting temperatures maintained between 37ºC and 40ºC, ideal for Watsu therapies.

Huilo – Huilo Hot Springs: Immersed in 120 hectares of native woods in the Los Rios Region, the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve offers a magical experience of disconnection with regular life and connection with nature. Two amazing lodges – Montaña Mágica and Hotel Baobab – provide innovative architecture, delicious cuisine and a variety of hot spring relaxation therapies.

Geométricas Hot Springs: With stone-carved pools dispersed amongst lush native vegetation, the Geometricas Hot Springs are obligatory for anyone travelling through the area. Located on the border between the Araucania and Los Lagos regions, at km 16 of the road to Coñaripe, these hot springs are part of Villarica National Park and deliver true pleasure year round via their pure mineral waters. However, they are best experienced under the rain or even snow of the winter season from June to August.

Puyehue Hot Springs: 70 km from Osorno and inside of Puyehue National Park in the Los Lagos Region, this destination welcomes visitors of all ages with a family-friendly, relaxed environment complete with first-rate hotels and restaurants, as well as pools with temperatures up to 35ºC. Part of the Nature Sanctuary, the beauty of Puyehue’s surroundings is unforgettable, so much so that it was named a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. A not-to-be-missed opportunity.

And the list goes on! Puyuhuapi Hot Springs, Corazón Hot Springs, Menetué, San Luis and many more make your winter season trip to Chile much warmer than you ever imagined.