Featured Restaurant: Bocanáriz, Santiago

While recently in Santiago, a friend recommended Bocanáriz for a fun dinner out on the town. When I saw the EXTREMELY high TripAdvisor rating (top 10 at the time!) , I became a little bit hesitant. Obviously with such accolades it wouldn't be bad; but would it be too touristy? Too crowded?

We came on a Monday and arrived at 8pm, relatively early by South American standards. We had no problem being seated, opting for a high top near the seemingly endless bottles of "vino" that constitutes their wine bar. That was when I knew I was in the right place. Bocanáriz offers a variety of tasting menus for both wine, food and combinations of both. They serve tapas and larger individual plates. Every single thing that went into my mouth that night was simply delicious. The duck was to die for, as was the mixed ceviche platter. The Carmeneré three-glass tasting was the perfect way to experience several bottles of one of my favorite wines (which by the way is not easily found in most other countries besides Chile). The US $70 price tag seemed more than reasonable for two hungry and thirsty Americans.

After eating and drinking more than we should, we strolled around the Lastarria neighborhood where Bocanáriz is located. The scene was reminiscent of Madrid or Paris, or Buenos Aires' Palermo neighborhood. All throughout the streets were restaurants and cafés boasting well-lit outdoor patios filled with patrons enjoying their food and wine. Across the street are two fantastic newer properties: the Singular Lastarria and Cumbres Lastarria. These two upscale, boutique-ish properties have only added to the neighborhood's understated charm. Bocanáriz and its Lastarria neighbors are the perfect option for travelers looking to enjoy both delicious cuisine and ambience in one of Santiago's most appealing neighborhoods.

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