Foodies everywhere rejoice: along with our partners at Peru's Tourism Board, PromPeru, we have compiled a list of Lima's top seven eateries. Everyone knows that the country's capital is home to one of the most prominent scenes in the world and limiting the list to only seven certainly wasn't easy. But our list serves as a great starting point for hungry Peru travelers looking to get a taste of this magical culinary land.  

1. Central

Chef Virgílio Martínez utilizes the best of Peru’s biodiversity, crafting a menu that reaches all the eclectic corners of Peru’s landscape. By foraging through the vast stretches of jungle, desert, and mountains that make up the country, Martínez celebrates traditional Peruvian flavors. Central is located in the heart of Lima’s Miraflores district. During a visit, opt to order delicacies that feature local ingredients like quinoa, cacao and corn.

2. Maido

Get your dose of fresh fish by dining at Maido, a restaurant by Nikkei chef Mitsuharu Tsumura. This Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine is one of the most popular culinary offerings in Lima and is representative of the cultural melting pot that makes up Peru’s leading city. Save room for the restaurant’s Nikkei Experience, which features 15 delectable courses that celebrates the traditional and meticulous art of Nikkei.

3. Astrid y Gaston

Located inside the Casa Moreyra mansion on a side street in San Isidro, Astrid y Gaston may be hard to find, but it’s worth the effort. Well-known celebrity Chef Gastón Acurio helms the kitchen, and his Peruvian roots shine through in his unique recipes, blending the best of traditional Andean cuisine with popular world flavors. Opt for specialties like the Peking guinea pig, which features a playful, modern spin on a classic Peruvian staple.

4. Isolina

Located in the bustling arts district of Barranco, Chef José del Castillo serves traditional Peruvian staples, evocative of meals you would enjoy in the comfort of your family’s home. Celebrated for his authenticity, Castillo serves delicacies that verge on the bazaar, like cau-cau, a potato and cow stomach stew, and tortilla de sesos, a fried omelet inclusive of calf brains.

5. El Mercado

Dubbed home of the best ceviche in all of Peru by the Wall Street Journal, Chef Rafael Osterling leads an open-air kitchen in Miraflores, featuring a creative, free-flowing cuisine dedicated to the root of Peruvian traditions. Although incorporating global flavors, Osterling highlights regional favorites: He’s the king of causa, a traditional dish that features creamy layers of mashed yellow potatoes, crab meat, and avocados.

6. La Mar

La Mar is another restaurant not to miss by the world-famous Chef Gastón Acurio. With a menu that changes daily, Acurio only features the best, locally caught seafood from the shores surrounding Lima. Order specialties like the traditional ceviche featuring leche de tigre (tiger milk), a sauce often applauded for its hangover-reducing qualities.

7. Rafael

Known as one of the best restaurants in South America, Chef Rafael Osterling had so much success with his staple Lima restaurant that he went on to spread the concept through greater South America. Located in a beaming red town house in Miraflores, Rafael is relaxed dining at its finest. With design evocative Miami’s art deco strip, Osterling serves staples like hearty Peruvian stews, fresh ceviche, and classic empanadas.

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