Today's New York Times Travel Section highlights the growing appeal of Argentina following the widespread economic reforms implemented by President Mauricio Macri in 2015. The administration has made international tourism a priority, identifying the enormous potential that had in many aways been left untapped.

In 2016 following President Obama's visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina dismantled the reciprocity fee requirement for American tourists, relieving U.S. passport holders of a hefty $160 fee to visit the country. More recently, foreign tourists from around the world are entitled to a 21% value added tax refund when booking any type of hotel or lodge accommodation with an international credit or debit card.

At Craft Travel, we have passed these savings directly to the client as a discount upfront rather than a refund, so no need to wait for that 21% to hit your account when booking with us!

We agree with The New York Times article that the reasons to travel to Argentina are more compelling than ever. In addition to the removal of the $160 fee and the 21% refund on official accommodations, the country is safer than ever and Buenos Aires has never been more vibrant. New properties are opening up everywhere, including a groundbreaking Awasi property (the brand's first outside of Chile) just 15 minutes from the Iguazú Waterfalls National Park slated to open at the end of this year.

And to sweeten the deal, later this month we will be offering unbelievable specials for some of our favorite properties in all of South America like Bahia Bustamante in Northern Patagonia or Alvear Art Hotel in Buenos Aires in the weeks ahead. So stay tuned!