So, you want to go to Patagonia but want to see more than just glaciers, and maybe even want to go swimming? Not everyone knows that Argentina's northern Patagonia offers a milder climate marked by green, lush terrain and turquoise waters that come summertime can provide a nice cool-off. Bariloche has long been the crown jewel of Argentina's northern Patagonia but more and more travelers are beginning to discover the allure of the eastern seacoast. 

Bahia Bustamante offers a unique opportunity for guests to truly be immersed in the breathtaking natural surroundings of the region. Want to know a bit more? Here's our breakdown of one of our favorite properties in all of South America.

WHO: Nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts: Bahia Bustamante is for you. The mission of the lodge and its owners is to deliver an experience driven by the vast natural wealth found directly on the property. It's great for just about everyone: young families or multigenerational ones, couples looking for a romantic getaway. 

Need to be attached to your phone? In this case, Bahia Bustamante may not be for you. Electricity is generally turned off during the day and there is no access to internet. This is your chance to truly escape!

WHAT: Bahia Bustamante is an isolated oasis with a variety of unique activities to offer. Watch locals harvest seaweed, the region’s most precious natural resource. Tour the Gravina Peninsula by bike, ATV, on horseback, or on foot. Head out on an exhilarating sail to the Versace Archipelago, home to thousands of bird species, sea lions, and penguins. It isn’t uncommon to spot magnificent orca whales along the way. Other activity options include kayaking, hiking, visiting the Petrified Forest, and touring a typical Patagonian ranch. 

WHERE: Family-owned and operated since 1957, Bahia Bustamente is a sustainable, seaside property about three hours away by car from Puerto Madryn, best known for its whale watching. Guests can fly in either to Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD) which is about 2.5 hours by car, or into Trelew (REL), just over three hours away. The flight from Buenos Aires into either airport is direct and just under two hours. 

Bahia Bustamante is made up of 6 Sea View Houses and 5 Steppe Houses. The Sea View Houses offer two bedrooms and a living area, with an outdoor terrace looking to the ocean. This lodging is all-inclusive of meals and activities. The Steppe Houses offer one bedroom, a small living room with a single bed, and a dining room. This lodging is not all-inclusive, but does have a kitchenette. The property also boasts a common area, restaurant, museum, and game room. 

WHEN: October - March is the sweet spot for travel to most of Patagonia, and it's no exception for Bahia Bustamante. For most travelers, anytime during this period will provide ample exposure to both flora and fauna. For those looking for more specific seasons, here's a quick overview:

Seabird Birthing: November
Penguins: End of September - Late November
Whales: October or March (though the highest chances will include a day trip to Peninsula Valdes; August to December is when it's most likely to see whales on the property at Bahia Bustamante)
Shearing of the sheep: August - September
Sheep breeding: November - January
Beach: November - March 

WHY: Highlighted by the New York Times as “Argentina’s Secret (and Private) Answer to the Galapagos,” Bahia Bustamante offers one of Patagonia’s most diverse landscapes. From Caribbean-style beaches to rugged cliffs and rocky coastlines, Bahia Bustamante’s surrounding scenery will delight even the most seasoned traveler. Sea lions, penguins, and hot pink flamingos abound in this Patagonian paradise.

HOW: One of our best selling Patagonia packages includes a 3-night all inclusive stay at Bahia Bustamante. Bahia Bustamante can be added into any customized package and is often combined with destinations such as El Calafate, Bariloche, Ushuaia and Torres del Paine in Chile.