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2 Nights Swissotel, Quito Airport
3 Nights Royal Palm Lodge, Galapagos
*Extra Night Option w/Additional Island Visit

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  • 3 Days Discovering the Magic of the Galapagos Islands
  • Inclusive Programming
  • Stay at Galapagos' beautiful Royal Palm Lodge, in Full Board


  • 2 Nights Accommodation at Swisshotel Quito
  • 3-4 Nights Accommodation at Royal Palm Galapagos
  • Roundtrip Airport/Accommodation Transfers
  • Full Board at Royal Palm Galapagos
  • Breakfast at Swissotel
  • Complete Touring Included


DAY 1 - Quito

Arrival to Quito - Met by your guide at exit from baggage claim & transfer to your hotel. 
Evening at leisure to prepare for your Galapagos adventure!

DAY 2 - Quito / Galapagos Islands

This morning your driver will transfer you to the airport for your flight to the Galapagos (flights not included).

Arrival to Baltra - Met at the airport, the bus transfer to the hotel takes around 1 hour including a short channel crossing aboard the Royal Palm Boat. A driver will meet you to transfer to the hotel. 

After check in, we'll have lunch at the hotel and an afternoon visit to the Charles Darwin Station & visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center.

Established in 1959, The Charles Darwin Foundation is the world's leading research institute and center of knowledge dedicated to the conservation of the biological diversity and natural resources of the Galapagos Archipelago. The Galapagos National Park was also founded that same year. Find out more about this amazing Foundation’s work including ecological restoration, wildlife repatriation, marine research, environmental education, scientific programs, sustainable local development and the volunteer and scholarship opportunities for visitors.

Located at the far end of Puerto Ayora this center is home to the Giant Tortoise and Land Iguana captive breeding programs. See the tiny new born tortoises and sit alongside the huge adults in their corrals. Here you can meet Diego ‘the Latin lover’ who has fathered the vast majority of over 1000 tortoises reintroduced back onto Espanola Island. The Van Straelen Centre offers a wealth of information about current conservation programs within the Galapagos National Park and Galapagos Marine Reserve.

Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

DAY 3 - Galapagos Islands

After Breakfast, enjoy a full day boat tour to one of the following islands..

North Seymour & Bachas Beach
South Plaza & Punta Carrion
Santa Fe

NORTH SEYMOUR & BACHAS (1 hours of navigation departure)
An uplifted (as opposed to volcanic) island and so is generally flat and strewn with boulders. There are good nesting sites here for a large population of magnificent frigate birds. Blue-footed boobies perform their courtship dance in the more open area, and swallow-tailed gulls perch on the cliff edges. Despite the tremendous surf that can pound the outer shore, sea lions haul out onto the beach and can be found together with marine iguanas.

SOUTH PLAZAS & PUNTA CARRION (1 hour of navigation departure)
One of the smallest islands to be visited. A large colony of sea lions, numbering about 1,000 bulls, cows and pups, occupies the smooth rocks here. The small cactus forest is populated by land iguanas, which can be seen sunning themselves or feeding on Opuntia pads and fruits. Along the cliff edges nesting swallow-tailed gulls are the predominant seabirds, along with tropicbirds and shearwaters. During the rainy season the dormant ground cover undergoes a drastic change. The red Sesuvium turns bright green and the leafless evening-blooming Portulaca bursts into large yellow flowers relished by the iguanas.

SANTA FE (Barrington) (1 hour of navigation departure)
One of the most picturesque anchorages within the archipelago. Its beauty is best appreciated from the trail which climbs the fault cliff overlooking the southern half of the bay. This plateau is also the best place to find the large land iguanas that are endemic to this island. Often they can be seen beneath the imposing Opuntia cacti that are also particular to Santa Fe. The two beaches are sleeping grounds for sea lions, and snorkeling near the small island by the entrance of the bay can also be rewarding.

BARTOLOME (2:30 hours of navigation departure)
A viewpoint some 350 feet above sea level offers breathtaking views to surrounding islands and Pinnacle Rock. The orange beach and coastline offers great swimming and snorkelling with the opportunity of seeing penguins, sea lions, rays, reef fish and white-tipped reef sharks.

This fantastic daylong tour offers spectacular volcanic landscapes and great snorkeling. The journey in the launch takes almost two hours but there is the chance of seeing dolphins and even whales during the crossing. And, the launch will stop at Daphne Island, a volcanic tuff cone formation to view the sea lions and various sea birds that inhabit it.
Bartolome Island itself is famous for it’s ‘Pinnacle Rock’ - probably the most photographed volcanic formation in the islands.  Climb up a long wooden staircase comprising 360+ steps to the viewpoint on the summit that offers breathtaking views to nearly all the central islands in the archipelago. A short dinghy ride after the walk will allow you to photograph the Galapagos Penguins that live along the coastline.

The orange beach and surrounding coastline is great for swimming and snorkeling and there is the opportunity of seeing penguins, sea lions, rays, reef fish and white-tipped reef sharks. Lunch will be served with one of the most amazing volcanic backdrops found anywhere in the archipelago.

Lunch included during excursion, return to hotel for dinner and overnight

DAY 4 - Galapagos Islands

This morning after breakfast you will visit Cerro Mesa, Trapiche & Garrapatero 

Let your guide take you on a journey from Cerro Mesa crossing Bellavista to the Cascajo viewpoint. Descend into Cascajo, Trapiche and onto Garrapatero Beach. Experience the different climatic zones in the wetlands, the agricultural area; the arid forest to coastal paths ending your trip on a beach of crystal clear turquoise water and fine white sand.

This adventure starts at "Cerro Mesa" crossing "Bellavista" and the viewpoint of the "Cascajo". At Cascajo we stop to enjoy a phenomenal panoramic view of Santa Cruz and other islands of the archipelago and keep an eye out for a sub species of giant tortoise that lives in the area around the crater of "Cerro Mesa". Then descend into "Cascajo", “Trapiche” and onto "Garrapatero" Beach. Trapiche is a local farm where you can see how the locals produce alcohol from sugar cane and also home of the famous Galapagos coffee. At the beach enjoy bird spotting - Flamingos, Frigates, Mocking Birds and Blue-Footed Boobies. If you wish to swim or snorkel here, please remember to take your swimwear and snorkeling equipment with you.

Stop for lunch time

Afternoon visit to lava tunnels & giant tortoises in the wild

Formed by rivers of fast flowing liquid lava, a walk through these tunnels will take you on an exciting journey back in time to the very formation of these volcanic islands. Just five minutes ride from the reception, the Hotel Lava Tunnel is the largest and interesting of any lava tunnel found on Santa Cruz Island. You descend through a collapse in the roof of this cavernous formation and follow an illuminated trail that leads you through a labyrinth of different tunnels over specially constructed bridges and stairways to a spectacular exit through the roof… this really is like something out of an Indiana Jones movie! Non-slip walking shoes are essential. The tour is suitable for anyone with reasonable level of fitness.

Nothing will prepare you for your first glimpse of a Galapagos Giant Tortoise in its natural habitat. These enormous creatures roam freely between the National Park and agricultural areas. This visit offers the ideal opportunity to view these ancient creatures munching on lush green vegetation or wallowing in the mud of the seasonal pools that attract them from the lowlands during the dry winter season. At certain times in the year, migratory shore birds can be seen here too. This guided tour includes a walk through open fields and forest. A basic cafeteria and clean toilets are available on these farms and some offer rubber boots in case of muddy conditions. Your guide will recommend the best farm to visit at that particular time.

Return to hotel for dinner and overnight.

DAY 5 - Galapagos Islands / Quito

After breakfast, check out (or stay another night!) and say farewell to the Islands, you'll be transferred back to Baltra for your return flight to Quito. (flights not included)

Arrival in Quito - you'll be met & transferred to your hotel for check in. 

Evening at leisure

DAY 6 - Quito / Final Destination

Breakfast at the hotel. Depending on your departure flight, relax at the hotel or adventure into the city. 

At the appropriate time, you'll be transferred to the airport for your departing flight. 

Safe Travels!


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